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21st April 2017 - Turning Japanese...

It has been HOT here in the UK over the last few days, I haven't felt like typing on the bus - more like sleeping. Which is why this hasn't been updated much.

Anyway, enough of the excuses - what have I been up to? Well, for one I have been working more on the PS2 emulation side of things. Thanks to some suggestions by people in a Blloody Roar group that I have joined. I have switched over from using my PAL originals to using NTSC copies - EU to USA versions basically. Turns out that the PS2 emulator runs a LOT smoother and faster like this. It also explains why it seemed to work really well then got sluggish - my initial testing had been with an import game!

This reveal also applies to the GameCube emulation - so I have put down my PAL copy of Bloody Roar: Primal Fury and am using Bloody Roar: Extreme instead - in fact I am using the Japanese version; not only faster and smoother but with better voices and a hidden, new character called Fang. Oh, I also got it running in Widescreen too!

I am going to be adding a new section to the website - a mini page for our Bloody Roar group that i have joined...

The one downside to getting the PS2 games back up and running - I have started playing Final Fantasy XII again! I really don't have time for that, alongside Monster Hunter, Witcher 3 GOTY, Blooody Roar and Elite Dangerous...

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13th April 2017 - Monster Hunter, E3, crazy recordings!

Getting terrible at actually updating this blog! Normal service will return soon, honest...

OK, well there has been a fair bit happen since the last update. For a start there are many, many Monster Hunter videos uploaded to my YouTube channel. A common theme you will observe is that they are not just multiplayer but also voiced too! That's right, now you can hear my voice, Kay's voice and a bit of Holly's voice. Now - there should be more of Holly, including the Monster Hunter song she made up. Unfortunately the recordings with that on were messed up by my fiddling with settings. Will ensure that we catch it next time!
I am really enjoying this version of Monster Hunter - as you can probably tell.

Speaking of Monster Hunter - it has been an exciting time for fans of the game over the last few days. First we get MHXX coming to Switch (although Still no confirmation of the Western release), I have to say - it doesn't look THAT much different to my videos of 3rd HD - perhaps the textures have not been as worked on as... THIS at E3...
It's back on PlayStation. Will also be on XBone and PC. I am looking forward to the PC release, apparently later than the other two, I am also hoping it will be cross network - same as Street Fighter V. Both are Capcom so I can hope! The game does look gorgeous.

I am currently writing a guide to getting Monster Hunter 3rd HD working in Multiplayer. The guides that exist appear to be largely out of date - unlike those I did not need to create a dummy 4th character to play 3 player and we certainly don't have issues needing to tweak speed settings. In fact Kay and I have done some extensive testing to see the results if we play on differing speed settings. Result: Don't do it, however the Teleporting Rex was funny!

Payday coming up, going to get Tekken 7. Slightly gutted I missed the pre-order bonus but I will live.
Also hoping to get Dauntless soon - wish we could get a release date on that!

12th June 2017 - All about the look...

Made a new avatar for Kay (click for full size):

Currently working on a new one for Holly too.

Also made a new group logo:
The Hunters

Finally, made some character portraits for the infor page I am making on here. I'll let those be a suprise.
OK, a sneak peak (Kay's new armour):

6th June 2017 - Racing forward!

No update for nearly a week! Oh what a mad week it has been. Obviously the Manchester and London attacks have been shocking, the pre Election propaganda (from both sides) also shocking and some major game releases too.

I am going to focus on games, this isn't the place for politics or messages...

Game releases include Tekken 7, which I really want. I will wait for the GOTY edition though, mainly as I do not have the spare funds.
Also out on the fighting scene is Injustice 2. from what I can tell this is a fantastic successor to Injustice. Injustice 2 isn't available on PC (yet) so instead I have been playing Injustice again. I really do like the game. I will talk about it soon enough!
So what else have I been playing? An oldie but still awesome: Wipeout Pulse! see video uploaded today - I am rather rusty, found a racer I can actually use on about third attempt. I do miss the music of the earlier ones but this is good!

Got to head off now, got Monsters to Hunt!

1st June 2017 - Holly, Chris and Kay too

Gaming has been a bit sporadic the last couple of days, had a lot on. However, did upload some new Monster Hunter videos. You'll notice that they are solo, in my new non-revealing armour.
New gear, Jaggi
That's because the last group session, which was epic, my daughter didn't want me to record! Never mind, I'll get the next one. It was good hunting on Monday, there was myself, Holly (cub) and Kay
We Three
It was a good test of the multiplayer - which behaved perfectly. I am going to put together a guide for setting it up, all other guides I have read include things such as needing a fourth, etc. Holly did very well, she prefers to slaughter rather than capture, however Kay was the same for ages - I think it is just a phase new hunters go through; "Behold, my awesome might!"

Last night I streamed and have also uploaded another attempt to unlock Uranus, the extra character in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. I need 16 consecutive wins in Survival, I maxed at 11 again, I will do it somepoint soon!